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with rain and hail and lightning also today. >> back to the san mateo bridge, reports of a stall blocking a lane on the high-rise and it is not really affecting us, but a little bit of slow traffic on the highway rise section but traffic is moving nicely on the flat section and hopefully that will be cleared nicely with rain with wet roads on the san mateo bridge. hayward northbound 880 from the east bay from san mateo you find an accident northbound 880 blocking the right lane and southbound 680 a stalled big rig and a stall on the rank southbound 13 to eastbound a 80. kristen and eric? >> today, microsoft officially releases the web based outlook e-mail service after six month preview and is open to the public and microsoft is spending $30 million to market it hoping to lure users away from gmail. 60 million users are outing and you can send large files, address books that update and fewer ads and option to connect to social sites. >> michelle obama and a mid-life crisis and what she is saying how she is handling it. but, first, a texas couple wanted to give their young son
declrar guerra contra policía de los Ángeles , en san mateo ola de robos, le diremos que recimiendan las autoridades >> trasporte gratis para sus hijos les diremos donde ir >> noticias univisión 14 fin de semana >> hola, ¿qué tal?, muy buenas noches, soy ramos gracias por acompañarnos. niños de san francisco tienen transporte gratis desde marzo, hay miles de solictudes enviadas a las escuelas, si no tiene le diremos que hacer >> comosion de transporte ayudara a las familias >> tenga listo lapiz y papel para decirles lo que debe hacer >> están felices porque sus hijos tendran transporte ratis >> 2 van a la escuela >Ç>ahora no tienen que apartar dinero para transporte >> las escuelas tienen tarjeta para que sea gratissegun agencia de transportes hay miles de colicitud y evaluaran el número de viajes también lo que dicen los jovenes y después de más de 10 meses veremos si seguimos con el programa >> niños con los siguientes requisitos (información en pantalla) pueden solicitarlo, también vivir en san francisco y no ganar más de 150 mil dólares anuales en familia de 4 , tarj
residentes ola de robos en san mateo los toma por sorpresa >> estoy aquí hace dos años y todo es muy tranquilo pero si la policía tiene reportes es por algo >> policía pide a residentes tomar precauciones para no ser víctimas >> policía de san mateo ha arrestado a personas conectada con los robos, denuncie actividad ilicita llamando a la policía >> alguna vez ha maldecido a motociclista que lo rebasa en los caminos ? ahora es legal según la patrulla de caminos, solo si hay espacio entre autos, no deben rebasar autos cuando hay más de 30 millas por hora así que prohibido en autopistas, tener casa es un sueño pero defraudadores complican situacion de deudores, cuidado que mala decision puede dejarlo en la calle >> posibilidad de perder la casa cuando le llego agua al cuello es una preocupacion , esto le paso a araceli cuando el marido fue deportado >> me quede sin casa y marido >> con 3 hijos , su desesperacion la vio involucrada en prestamistas casa nuestra >> ella perdio la venta >> este abogado descubrio muchos casos así , que habían dado dinero a ladrones de cuello blanc
with the forecast. >> that gives you an idea what we are dealing with. live doppler 7 hd shows san mateo bridge, to wood side that is where we are seeing the better radar runs. sliding to this area, silver creek valley road, headed into the narrow parts of the santa clara valley coming out of san jose you can see on the alpine road, highway 35, summit road, that is where we are getting radar returns that are color-coded so that means a possible winter mix. lingering shoring through 7:00 and 36 to 42 is the temperature spread. through noon, a dry push of air and the clouds open and temperatures are near 50. in the afternoon, partly cloudy and breezy and low 50's. have a jacket this evening, we are in the low-to-mid 40's. moving forward, we have a slow warming trend as the dry air takes over, mid-to-upper 50's and near 60's on sunday and more fists h 60's for monday. >> most of the areas you mention that have rain have accidents. southbound 680 in pleasanton area, the accident is off the roadway not blocking a lane but there will be a tow truck arriving. southbound 680 at sick -- sick more valley
for road work. rain at the san mateo bridge with roads wet from hayward to foster city. we will keep following it. >> the search growing for for a follower lapd cop wanted for killing three people. and there is an interest in celebrities? authorities do not know where he is or what he will do but schools and ski resorts are re-opening in san bernardino but they are on high alert. his burned out truck was found there but he could be hours away by now. in his manifesto where he declares war on the lapd he rambles of famous people. donor wrote messages to tebow, and charlie sheen and tv chef and tony women he calls the most beautiful women on the planet and a message to first lady obama saying "off the record i love your new bangs" and was disappointed he would miss "shark week." he is suspected killing a retired officer's daughter and her fiance and a riverside police officers. police are warning people in san bernardino not to open doors to anyone they don't know. officers have searched a las vegas home dorner owns. there appears to be a false sighting in san diego. >> stay with us fo
attempted murder. >> the chief probation officer of san mateo county is facing child pornography charges. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the 61-year-old was charged with two felony counts of possessing child upon -- pornography yesterday. he was a chief probation officer until he retired. there was an investigation into the charges. he joined the department in 1977. >> group of students spent the night on the campus of city college of san francisco and camped out since yesterday afternoon. police let them stay overnight. they want the administration to put pressure on city hallm7k to keep the school open. city college is at risk of losing accreditation next month because of budgetary issues. students want to meet with administrators on ways to keep the school open. >> the ferry service is trying to solve problems that have had complaints over sold out boats and parking during the morning rush. the marin independent journal says transportation officials are considering several new ideas including building a new packing structure at or near the ferry terminal and adding another boat
. >> temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 60s in pleasanton, livermore and san jose. this live look at the san mateo bridge. clear conditions and relatively light wind temperatures will drop for this evening as we start off tomorrow this will warm up decent. with more highs and into the low 60s. perhaps a few degrees warmer but first in the morning. we have to get to another cold start. below freezing at or below freezing in the east bay valleys 30's and low 40's by the bay. there is warmer weather coming up. >> this is a recent string of neighborhood break-ins. in what police are calling "door knock burglaries". coming up why undercover cops are now patrolling certain areas. to protect homeowners from being robbed. a mardi gras celebration turned south when 4 people were shot saturday night. we'll have an update on the victims' conditions. plus cleanup underway in then northeast. after a snowstorm pummled through. dumping up to three feet of snow in some areas. stay with us. we'll be right back. >> the blizzard that pummeled northeastern states has drifted out to sea. and right now the clean up eff
. >> the san mateo bridge looks could practically in the in both directions of highway 92. >> south bound 101 a good ride no problems with visibility. >> new and overnight news this morning crews are currently on the scene of a water main break in san francisco. >> it is in the north beach neighborhood at the intersection of the word and maze of streets. witnesses said the water is gushing into the streets. no word yet on what caused the water main break. we have a crew headed to the scene, and we will bring the updates as they become available. >> our other top stories a pedestrian chasing after murdoch has died after apparently being hit by two cars outside of santa rosa. >> it happen around 8:00 p.m. last night in the intersection of west avenue and legal end court. this is in an unincorporated area of santa rosa and roseland. >> chp says the vehicle struck--forem the woman then a second car struck the woman while down the road. she was transported to a local hospital where she later died. >> a 10 month old baby girl was found dead in a field in salinas. after family members reporter missi
to expect -- nothing. they don't grade restaurants. but what about san mateo and san francisco? both score restaurants and require inspections be visibly posted. so we went undercover and found just because it's the rule doesn't mean it's being followed. at the busy cafe baroni in menlo park, there are plenty of menu choices. but something is missing. that's because we asked to see their inspection report. san mateo county requires restaurants post it in plain view. >> i'm not sure where the copy is right now. >> reporter: it's mysteriously missing, but would have shown us how the restaurant scored, excellent, good, fair, or poor. less than 3% of restaurants in san mateo county scored poor last year. cafe borrone is one of them. >> that's was the only thing we got docked for was the food handler safety cards. >> reporter: but records show it was cited for major violations that may cause the food borne illness, important information we found restaurants across san mateo county keeping from you. we visited 25 restaurants with hidden cameras, looking for their inspection reports. >> thank you
after this morning. have a great day. >> back to the san mateo bridge where we still see flashing lights in the eastbound direction with the accident and now on the right shoulder. it does not look to be blocking any lanes of the highway but the traffic lights are headed in the eastbound direction and remain slow as you can see just about ready to clear that out of there. eastbound is busy, rather, westbound is busy with slowing beyond the scene of the accident. minor delays at the bay bridge toll plaza but the metering rights have not yet been turned on. that will happen any time. back alabama to -- back to south fremont, two cars are on the embankment. >> do you feel lucky? you could have a new opening for gambling. >> days after the first super bowl appearance, kaepernick is [ female announcer ] when a woman wears a pad she can't always move the way she wants. now you can. with stayfree ultra thins. flexible layers move wh your body while thermocontrol wicks moisture away. keep moving. stayfree. went home and fed her family. now she's helping her community. no wonder it's hard to focu
.h.p. could be a traffic break to get that out of here, and the san mateo bridge is looking good westbound, the tail lights on the flat section are busy here and you are looking at a 15 to 17-minute drive from hayward to san mateo. >> and the bad traffic on the bay area is blamed on thieves now getting the blame. now live on the expressway in san francisco to explain that. >> it could make you scratch your head how can thieves make traffic worse? they are, copper thieves are stealing the valuable copper that powers metering lights like this one behind me here in san jose. this works. you can see it is green. when the wiring is taken out it turns black and rendered useless and traffic backed up. this is happening across the bay area. it is making streetlights go out very dangerous for pedestrians and some metering lights in the south bay have been out for up to two weeks and some on the peninsula have been out since october. of course, people are stealing the copper for the money, and it has gone for $4 a pound at salvage yards triple the price four years ago. a new law may deter thieves an
the morning commute on the san mateo bridges a you drive westbound to the peninsular, let's go back to the desk. >>> we have breaking news, the u.s. postal service says they plan to stop servicing mail on saturdays beginning in august. coming up, the one part of the postal service that remains a strong point and will not have cut backs. >>> and in rural sonoma county investigators are still at the scene of a triple homicide. they found the bodies of three men, this is not far from highway 16. claudine wong is there outside the home, what are investigators saying, claudine? >> reporter: it has been a long night out here and they are still trying to get to the bottom of this. there are a couple of homes through here and then you have this single entrance and you can see the crime scene tape and you can see at least one or two sheriff's deputies cars and past them you see the home where this discovery was made yesterday afternoon. there is a lot we don't know at this hour, we could know yesterday afternoon between 3:00 and 4:00 sheriff's deputies got a call because there was a man who
on the western end of the san mateo bridge. you are going to use your windshield wipers. the yellow on your screen showing highway no. 1 of but it looks like the showers will continue to taper off. here is a look at futurecast. this is mainly a coastal event. still this cloud coverage and it has departed but all of the instability is hanging around. we could seek a thunderstorm even hail. but partly cloudy conditions as for transition for the afternoon. speaking for the afternoon, temperatures will be in th upper 50s. 37 and fairfield. and as we take a look at those numbers for the afternoon plenty of low 50s. milpitas, fremont, cupertino. turning our attention to the east bay, concord walnut creek and 56 and union city. downtown san francisco will also see 50s. your kron 4 7 day around the bay sunshine and the clear skies. for the middle of next week the mid '60s. warmer weather is on the way. still, wet outside at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. there are a couple of c h p cars indicating that there is all for metro construction. at the san mateo bridge, the san mateo on the ca
right now a house fire in san mateo, a live look at the scene. jackie sissel is live on the scene this morning. >> cruise from the san mateo fire apartment have been out here for almost two hours fighting the blaze. they got out at about for 15 this morning. they discovered it was actually an underwriter's behind a big house. firefighters are putting water on what is left of this rise. the house itself was they get what they believe that possibly someone was ae legally inside that home. they had started the fire inside the rise. there is less of debris found inside was a broken hand and started putting water on the fire itself. the rise was backed up to an apartment building nearby. because of that there was a temporary evacuation of some restaurants and that building while they got control of the fire. because of the suspicious nature of the fire, they said fire investigators out to determine exactly what started the fire. the good news is no one was hurt. cruz and san mateo fire apartment are expected to be out here for another hour or so doing a monologue. >> in san francisco a
-to-upper 30's around the bay and closer to san francisco, oakland and san mateo, we will have low-to-mid 40s. by the time the warmth is here 56 valentine's day we could be near 70 and warmer-than-average saturday and sunday this weekend^. >> now, back to hayward, the only democratic on the roadways, northbound 880 at 92, two right lanes remain blocked. it is early enough i do not see significant slow downs with c.h.p. on the scene getting a tow truck to get the cars out of the way. otherwise, the drive out of the e-bay -- east bay, antioch, looks great. and same from the central valley with no delays and good and over the altamont pass for this time of the morning, and, now, a look at san mateo bridge, the first look this morning, the tail lights headed to foster city on the flat selection, everyone is moving nicely up and over on the high-rise and the other direction toward highway 880 and everyone is looking good. kristen and eric? >> president obama is preparing the state of the union address which he will deliver to a joint session of congress tomorrow night and raising several key issue
. >> san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> this morning, the music world is mourning the death of country singer mindy mccready. the 37-year-old was found dead from a self inflighted gunshot wound at her arkansas home yesterday. she soared to the top of the charts in 1996 but an autopsy is pending. she has fought addiction and been in a bitter custody fight with her mother over her two young sons. this is a month after her long time boyfriend committed suicide at the same home north of little rock. >> scientists confirm that rocks found on a frozen lake are part of a meteor that slammed into the ural mountains at 46,000 miles per hour. they are still cleaning up the damage. scientists say the blast had the force of 30hiroshima bombs. people are posting meteor pieces for sale on e-bay worth from $100 to $100,000 depending on size. >> in florida, a meteor shower caused quite a stir. this is an image from tv station wplg after flooded reports over flare like objects from jacksonville to key west. >> have you wondered what would you say in your acceptance spee
. >> looking at your afternoon highs. upper 50s, lows 60s a round the bay area. san mateo 59. 62 for oakland. upper 50s in livermore. ellite and radar shows we are clear for now. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows clear sunny conditions. it will be cold for some of the inland lows. again afternoon highs topping out at 60 degrees as we had in closer to thursday. >> more on your extended forecast in my next report. >> the traffic center no hot spots. the approach the bay bridge toll plaza a pleasant ride out of oakland and san francisco. >> the san mateo bridge nothing to report that drive 12-13 minutes. >> south bound 101, the golden gate bridge no delays or problems with visibility coming out marin county. >> developing stores were following out of a vatican city this morning. the vatican says pope benedict the 16th will resign on february 28th. his path to spacy began in 2005. >> last year the pope started using a cane on occasions and recently he appear to have trouble reading part of an address he delivered in rome. this reportedly only the second time head of catholic chu
. boulevard and accident added to the southbound delays. an accident blocking lanes of 92 to the san mateo bridge westbound at florida road. >> we continue to follow the latest of trading. the dow is off about 37 points, 13,942. we flirted with 40,000 yesterday and the way future trading was going and look like you're going that way. we are off to a negative start. both trading with losses at the start of the hour. >> a live look from our mt. tam cam. this is a nice shot. there are some clouds in the distance and we do have a change in the weather on the way. we will be right back. >> 7:12 a.m.. police say two people were in the truck when it crashed and ended up halfway off the ramp at sprint and against a pillar. this is a fort lauderdale. when the people inside the truck has been transported to a hospital and their condition is still unknown. this happened about 2:00 in the morning. you can really see how lucky this driver was. it's nasa can't completely here. two people were inside the truck when it crashed. it ended up halfway across the ramp and rescue crews were brought in to get th
center in san mateo county will open. there is a new tour of the highway one tunnel today with the $300 million project long the coast was originally supposed to be finished in 2010 but was pushed back several times. caltran says it will open to drivers in the next two months. >> there was police action right there on the western side on the bay bridge upper deck but you can see from this picture it appears gone and sue will talk about that in a bit. >> traffic is getting through okay. what is it like headed to your car this morning? mike? >> chilly if many areas, some areas hazy and fog but nothing like new orleans where it is quiet. live doppler 7 hd showing nothing. temperatures under sunshine and 61. if you are headed for the weekend it look like mid-60's under sun. at home we have more fog and haze in the north bay valley and temperatures are hanging out in the upper 30's to mid-40's through 7:00. as we led to noon, it will be a mild time, if you are outside for the lunch, 56 to about 60, a great time to be in an outdoor cafe. sunny this afternoon with temperatures in the low-to-mi
at the meeting of the san mateo board of supervisors. a group of demonstrators was at the jail site at a ceremony for the $160 million jail product. some are concerned that supervisors will use the new tax money for jail operating costs. voters passed measure (a) a tax to expand health care and other social services. today, the supervisors are expected to set spending priorities for the new revenue. >> this morning, bart police are warning passengers to look out for counterfeit tickets that look like the real thing. thieves are selling the bogus tickets around the bay area at stations. the agency is recommending riders get clipper cards or only buy tickets from the vending machine at the station. bart tickets are coded and if you buy a counterfeit you will not get a refund. >> bart is planning an extreme makeover of the two busy stations. 40 percent of the passengers get on or off at montgomery and embarcardero and they want do knock down the walls and install additional platforms on the other side of the current tracks. that would let passengers board on both sides of the train. bart is looking
right now with the san mateo creek. a busted pipe sent thousands of gallons of chlorinated drinking water into the creek this weekend killing off hundreds of fish. >> the leak was initially at about 1000 gallons permitted and their estimation. >> officials say the chlorine makes it safe to drink that could be deadly to this. the fish kill included steelhead trout like these, a threatened species. >> i noticed on sunday that the scale because there were no live fish. everything was dead on the bottom. >> steven rogers pointed to a dead fish saying that before workers came to clean things up this morning you could see dozens >> if that. this fragile ecosystem either through benign neglect or lack of care has now been a native population has been killed or decimated. >> the santa cisco public utilities commission public utilities commission says what they were called out saturday afternoon workers discovered it was an aging 60-inch pipe that broke >> we isolated the the pipe as quickly as the good which means we closed the house in an attempt to receive dues the pressure to reduce the
by royal mom to be, >> benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> kate middleton made the first public appearance since announcing her pregnancy but it is what people don't say that has everyone talking. this is supposed to be the dutch et cetera -- duchess revealing the bump. some have said it is more like a blip at this point. however, the royal watchers are aexcited about the first appearance of the year and london says the royal baby is due in july. >> that is how i look after a sandwich. she is a thin lady. we have "blips" on the radar. >> was she glowing? when my wife was pregnant she was glowing. wonderful. glowing outside, lights, you need the headlights, blips on the radar, we have it. a storm watch. not the biggest storm but it is one that we have not had in a while, 3 1/2 or four weeks since we have had good rain. as you look at live doppler 7 hd , we will start in the east bay, i wanted to show you the back edge of the steady rain passing by berkeley and oakland and to walnut creek and the san ramon valley you can see the blip in pink and tha
in to san francisco and the san mateo bridge, the tail lights headed to foster city and san mateo is at the limit on the bridge, at 14-minute drive from the east bay to the peninsula and we have this accident north 680 at contra costa boulevard partly blocking the off ramp in pleasant hill and road work still out there, eastbound 580 from greenville, three lanes until 11:00, the reverse commute. >> secretary of state john kerry has kickoff the first official overseas trip by meeting today with british leaders in london. it is the first leg of a hectic nine-day dash through europe and the middle east and the maiden diplomatic meeting with cameron will focus on the crisis in syria and iran's nuclear program. he will be headed to germany next for meetings in berlin, the administration has launched an effort to try to salvage a syrian opposition conference he will attend in rome. some members of the opposition council are threatening to boycott the meeting. >> cuban president will step down in 2018 and named a successor announcing the top democrat tick, 52-year-old who will take over
and moving well into san francisco. moisture on the camera here at san mateo bridge but the roads look clear with no rain and a few brake lights and eastbound 580 before the bridge a flat bed tow truck has been requested. >> a big announcement in a few hours regarding a new addition to the san francisco waterfront that has the mayor and the giants saying "cheers." cornell bernard is live at pier 48. cornell? >> kristen, the project is big and bold. if you like beer brewed here in san francisco, you will love this. pier 48 across from at&t park will be home to the anchor browing company's second brewery in san francisco. here is a preview of what it could look like. a production facility and much more complete with restaurant and a museum. inside the 212,000 square foot building. anchor is the first tenant for the $1 billion mission rock development project calling for retail businesses, restaurants, parks, 1,000 rental housing units and parking. the brewery is excited to be part of the project. in addition to this facility, they will quadruple people their output from 120,000 to 600,000 barr
interstate 80. 680. 880. east bay approaches to the dumbarton and san mateo bridges. they would like to have the lanes opened up by 2015. they have to do some studies and figure out how to built the lanes, how to check the tolls, et cetera, et cetera, but, at this point, transportation officials are saying they do think this is a project worth pursuing. >> a survey shows california people believe more needs to be done to combat global warming with 64 percent believe some action is needed and 20 percent believe more research is needed before action is taken and 13 percent say global warming concerns are unwarranted, broken down by region 52 percent of bay area residents believe some action is needed compared to los angeles county where only 37 percent of resolution democrats say the same thing. >> amen -- menlo park is asking permission to build a new office next to the current headquarters and face book is asking the city permission to remove 175 trees. in return facebook will pay menlo park $4.5 million for affordable housing on top of the property taxes facebook pays. >> now, to hollywood,
the coast of san mateo county. tara moriarty joins us from the coast card station. tara. >> reporter: it's been more than 12 hours since authorities first began this search. and the water where this family disappeared is quite chilly in the low 50s. so obviously hope is fading but the coast guard continues its search. if we can take a look at the map we can show you exactly where authorities believe they went missing. as soon as it's light out the coast guard and air national guard will deploy helicopters. at last check they were 50 miles southwest of santa cruz. a flee of boats and airplanes are scouring the water. they called in distress around 4:30 last night. saying their boat was taking on water. they did not have any life rafts or survival suits on board. they were trying to make a raft from a cooler and life preserver ring. that was the last time officials heard from them. their craft ran into strong winds and rough seas and warnings had been out all weekend. we do not know the identities of those in the lost party where they started their trip or where they were headed. but obvio
lee with the story. >> about red light camera captured this collision on san mateo intersection. but accidents like this are few. although san mateo police say they void most rolling right turns. most of the violences and many other cities are for those turns called california stop. now we are learning that almost half of allred light camera tickets are voided without the drivers even knowing. in san mateo o. 42 percent of thoughts tickets are thrown out. during review process by the camera maker and police. that according to red light camera monitoring group called highway the group says most other cities with camera also have similar statistics for pictures that are rejected. lawyers sidney haul hall filed class action suit against the camera. >> if we have a system we are only half of the people who are doing it are caught or at least charged there is some arbitrar arbitrariness and unfairness to it. >>reporter: ultimatelyly each violation issued by safety camera its both reviewed and approved bit issuing authority benefit is sent. even at american traf
from walnut creek to oakland and also this morning we have a look at the san mateo bridge but we have some trouble on the east shore, we will have more on that in a few minutes. let's go back to the desk. >>> investigators say a dice game led to a deadly shooting in san leandro. it happened right on the campus of hillside elementary school. tara moriarty joins us with what she learned about this 19- year-old victim, tara? >> reporter: well we have seen several detectives arrive and initially when we arrived we were told they would not be much longer but perhaps they are waiting until the sun comes up so they can get a better look at the scene. we are in the back of the elementary school where csi is collecting evidence and we are told the shooting happened at a field nearby. friends of trayvon foster said he was playing a dice game when somebody shot him in the back to your times. the 19-year-old was transported to the hospital but later died. several people were seen running from the scene so they searched by helicopter but as far as we know they did not locate any suspects. >> we ha
to be at height. a lot of 60's and oakland and santa rosa at 68, and 63 today, and san mateo and concord and fairfield, and san rafael, and san jose along with livermore the cooler spots, and around the monterey bay, low to my 60's and 63 to 64 inland the you can see some 40's, and confined to oakland, richmond, san francisco, san mateo, and while we were sleeping, the high pressure gone stronger and now there are two. they keep the jet stream well arm from us. that means look the at temperatures by thursday and friday, soaring to near 70 away from the coast and we will still be in the 60's,'s average, saturday and sunday with extra cloud cover, and monday temperatures back to average, and 50's at the coast if you have the day off. >> you are concerned about fog in santa rosa and in novato and san rafael, this is north san roll, no fog here, so that is good with visibility good moving southbound to the golden gate bridge which is fog free, as well. an accident at the intersection of lafayette street and the central expressway blocking the intersection, and northbound 17, overturned clear
this morning a shortage of state funds could force san mateo county court officials to lay off workers and shut down courtrooms. the san francisco chronicle reports four court commissioners are among the 25 positions on the chopping block unless more state money flows in by july. under the budget proposed by governor jerry brown, most courtroom operations in south san francisco and san mateo would shut down. the state has slashed jew dishry funding for the past three years, forcing san mateo county to use $200 million in dwindling reserves for operations. >>> oakland mayor jean quan is warning plant owners if they want the city's contract they need to treat their employees well. the comment made after a meeting of oakland recycle plant workers yesterday. they aired grief advancefs low pay and unhealthy conditions and bosses who retaliate. the mayor said that all has to change. >> you have a new contract coming up on garbage and we've been having a hard time getting competition going n the next two years we will be letting out a new contract and trying to get a little competition between the com
to hire more officers according to the "san mateo county times" which did a study of 13 bay area law enforcement agencies including san jose, san francisco and the local chp finding the number of officers reduced by 981 over the past five years. that's a loss of almost 13%. the new hiring is an attempt to get the number of officers back up to earlier levels. >>> 4:40 now. a hefty haul stanford breaks another fundraising record. >> plus a bay area city that's running dry. what's behind a new ban on certain kinds of booze at bars and restaurants. >> talk about a real cat fight. what may have sparked this angry feline face-off when we come back. neighborhood. two bobcats caught on video nearly fighting in carrollton, texas. the >>> man, condition you imagine seeing this in your neighborhood? two bobcats caught on video nearly fighting in texas. they are staring each other down. they are not happy! the homeowners association has warned residents that this is mating season and keep your pets and your kids inside. >> were those love calls or were they
and hercules. the coastline is making its way to let burlingame and san mateo. i will walk you through coming up in my next report. >> our team coverage of today's weather continues with will tran. he is live a contra costa county where house was demolished by a huge tree yesterday. >> there is still a lot of the tree that is here. it came crashing down and split this home and have. you can see the damage that it has done. here is a golf cart an even split this and half. they have taped up so people are not allowed to go inside. all homeowners are insidthe home owners were inside when this happens. >> i was walking around my house and getting my purse so i could get ready to go to work and that is when it happened. >> it cell like a masonic boom. >> the tree is about 1400 100 years old. they stated that they did have it inspected. barbers are stating that ththis is a good precautionary measure for you if you do have a tree at your residence. >> was a vehicle ruined? >> yes. the front end was just collapsed. this is also making it hard for them for transportation. the crew is just part to thei
to expect, nothing. they don't grade restaurants. but what about san mateo and san francisco? both score restaurants and require inspections be visibly posted. so we went undercover and found just because it's the rule doesn't mean it's being followed. at the busy cafe barone in men low park, there are plenty of menu choices. but something is missing. that's because we asked to see their inspection report. san mateo county requires it be posted in plain view. it's mysteriously missing, but would have shown us how the restaurant scored, excellent, good, fair or poor. less than 3% of restaurants in san mateo county scored poor last year. the cafe is one of them. >> that's the only thing we got docked for was food handler. >> but records show it was cite ed for major violations that may cause a foodborne illness. important information we found restaurants across san mateo county keeping from you. we visited 25 restaurants with hidden cameras looking for their inspection reports. thank you. that's just a permit. others had blank reports. i can't see anything on it. and at firehouse employees
bridge. >> all to the rules would be the san mateo bridge. also the richmond san rafael bridge to the golden gate bridge would also be a good alternate route. i think this backlog will be with us for a while. this camera is showing movement a again so we will switch back. this is what it looks like if you're headed to that way. it will be a while for this to clear. we have also had a problem in the south bay and northbound to 80 there was an accident that block to lanes of traffic. it has cleared but the traffic is backed up toward 85 on 1 01 north. >> before we get to a erica let's talk about the north east whole is in the way for a big storm. this is a stock pile of salt that they are getting ready for. the piles of the salt are here because they want to make sure that roads are clear. they are still telling people not to travel and to just stay home. boston is going to be in the eye of the storm. they are very concerned. there is about 50 million people who will be affected by this storm. they stated that it may be white out conditions and there have been schools that have c
that is still under investigation. reporting, scott rates, kron 4. >> the san mateo police are into two neighborhoods hit by a recent string. of what investigators are calling "door-knock" burglaries. kron four's philippe djegal explains how theives are breaking into homes. and, what residents should look out for. >> reporter: first, the san mateo police department says the suspects walk up to a home. then knock on the door a few times. if someone answers, police say the suspects move onto another house. police say the suspects are targeting unoccupied homes. most of these crimes are happening on weekdays during daytime hours. if no one's home. the suspects then go around to the side, jump into the backyard and break into the home. investigators say several homes in the shoreview and fiesta gardens neighborhoods have been robbed in recent weeks. one of the victims lives close to nancy lee. >> it happened to the knocked down and they got out quick. we are too strong to watch out for each other. reporting any suspicious people or suspicious. and try to tour that from happening >> reporter
be considered next year. >>> after tunneling the big dig is done. two new mile-long tunnels in san mateo county are having final safety tests this month. it will divert a treacherous 1.2-mile stretch of the pacific coast highway. it's dubbed devil's slide and it frequently erodes and collapses especially after heavy rain. >> some of the best views in america there, though. >> yeah. >>> 4:38. coming up another pistorius family member is facing murder charges, as well. >> plus, doomsday deadline rapidly approaching on capitol hill. how the butting heads over automatic spending cuts could affect us all. >> hollywood's biggest night. we have the winners from the academy awards last night right after the break.
does not know what i have. >> a former actor and teacher in contra costa and san mateo counties, is being charged with child molestation and other sexual abuse crimes. this man, 27 year-old jason pedroza. turned himself into authorities friday. investigators say, that some of his alleged crimes may have taken place in walnut creek where he worked at a ballet school. >> and former san mateo county probation chief has pleaded not guilty to child pornography charges. stuart forrest who you see here is accused of having child porn in his possession. forrest reed tired from his job in december, after allegations of for the thsurfaced that he hd pornography. he posted bail friday and is due back in court in april. >> more trouble for a infamous san jose woman who once tried to extort money from a wendy's restaurant, by placing a severe human figure in a bowl of chili. anna ayala is now facing new charges. she is accused of lying to police. police say, that she lied about her son being shot in the foot outside of their home. they say, that she concocted an elaborate story about two as
ride out of oakland from all the approaches. >> the san mateo bridge westbound traffic across highway 92 is a good drive. 12-13 minutes drive time. >> the golden gate bridge, south bound 1 01 is delay free for those of you driving at of the north bay. >> james. >> our top story this morning. shootings in vallejo last night killed one man injured at least four others. >> police said they found to meant seriously wounded in the grotto of the house on humboldt's and east was last ni >> one of the man died at the hospital. three >> shortly after the shooting three other people walked into sutter solano medical center with gunshot wounds. >> police to try to figure out if the shootings are related. >> meanwhile, a 31 year-old antioch woman is recovering this morning after being struck by a stray bullet. >> it happen yesterday evening around 6. that is when police received reports of shots being fired in the area of sycamore drive and manazita way. >> according to witnesses a man had been standing on the street, shooting at a pickup truck that was driving past him. >> police say one of the
to the bay bridge toll plaza overnight construction that will not slow you down. >> the san mateo bridge the drive looks good with a drive time of 12 minutes from end to end. >> south bound 101 the golden gate bridges problem free for those of you coming out marin county. >> thank you erica. >> @ 4:02 we began our head lines on the kevin collins case. >> san francisco police are asking for the public's help in finding additional information about the man than a therrien, the man kron for firms identified as su4 disappearance of kevin collins. >> he has a history of kidnapping and sexual assault involving children. in 1981 he was arrested in the fisherman's wharf area for kidnapping a lonnd lewd acts are a child. he was bailed out, then was a no show at his court date. >> in 1982 he was arrested on that outstanding war, then pleaded guilty to felony lewd acts on a child. he was sentenced to six months in jail and three years' probation. >> therrien was also wanted in canada for a crime in 1973. >> police say he kidnapped and sexually assaulted two children. >> he was arrested and charged,
mid-50's there and .1" to .25" of rain. >> the san mateo bridge from 880 hayward beyond industrial to the flat section just a few brake lights to the high-rise and traffic is busy into foster city but 15 minutes between hayward and san mateo area. bart and muni on time and the vallejo ferry has a bus because of mechanical problems, this morning and this afternoon, as well. 580, highway four, and 80 are looking good. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next, we have a story about some technology vacuuming your phone? cleaning up your cell phone. >> also, we are familiar with robotic vacuum cleaner, right? we will have the latest on that coming up. >> say good by to the best known playing pieces on monopoly. who stays and who goes is ahead. >> today on our show it is all about multiples, a family with two sets of twins on top of sextuplets association that is family of 12. is life cheap are by the dozen? i will try to babysit them and i am tired to think about it. what happens when a mom has trouble [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your mois
. >>> 5:26 is the time. sal is checking in on san mateo. i need to find out what happened to hello kitty. i don't know if she survived the crash. >> i hope so. there is a sign of an accident eastbound 92. somewhere on the span of the bridge. if you see that there if you look at the top of the screen it looks like there is something doing on. it's eastbound. westbound traffic is not effected. eastbound on the bridge somewhere they are looking for an injury accident in one of the pullouts. we'll see if it ends up effecting traffic. it could be right there. and i could see flashing lights on the very left hand side. again we are not seeing any major delays. also on the sunol grade it looks pretty good heading south toward fremont. if you are just joining us, it is wet out there. i think an extra 10-15 minutes will help you out. let's go to steve. >>> sal, thank you, sir. we have our little system moving out of the area with renot done yet. partly cloudy, cool and breezy today. showers will be winding down. temperatures staying cool, pam. we'll have your weekend forecast in a couple minutes.
time to come to the city as there are no delays in the bay bridge, whatever, and san mateo bridge, a few brake lights but otherwise traffic is nice to the peninsula and you are looking at 15 minute drive from hayward to foster city. from antioch, at the limit and looking good up and over into pittsburg and concord area, and still just under ten minutes for the drive. all mass transit at 5:18, everyone is off to a great start. >> 5:18. get out the sunscreen, the top spring break hot spots coming up. >> big victory for at&t and you will notice a big change. >> today on "katie" i am going inside my apartment to help me face my biggest demons, clotser has -- clutter has been a problem for me as i know it is for a lot of people. of people. that is [ elizabeth ] i like to drink orange juice or have lemon in my water... eat tomato sauce on my spaghetti. the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. i was quite surprised, as only few as four exposures a day what that can do to you. it's quite a lesson learned.
the approaches. >> the san mateo bridge looking good the west bound trip toward foster city and south bound 101, the golden gate the drive 14 minutes from novato into the city. >> things are back to normal this morning a berkeley street after police standoff shutdown the area. >> police surrounded the residence in the 1600 block of addison street where a man believed to be armed with handguns, was holed up inside around 7 last night. >> police said the standoff started when they responded to a recall of a loud argument between two people in the 2200 block of san paolo ave. >> one person in connection with the argument has been arrested. he is believed to be the government's brother. at some point of the incident, a shot was fired although it is not immediately clear where the shooting occurred or at what time. no word on if the gunman has been arrested. >> in other bay area new santa cruz police held a community meeting after a string of violent crimes in the area has put the community on edge. >> within the past week and have very >> green meeting authorities when over plans and night as court
and san mateo counties for those commuters you will get the rain drops first. here are the wintry highlights after 70s this time last week, we are going to see temperatures 5 to 8 degrees below average. and some re low rain snow mix. we will let you know which city across the bay area may actually get a rain snow mix down at the lower elevations. we are talking 2-500 feet. >> we will see you shortly. >> there were bomb sniffing jobs and eevacuations, the target? many government offices. two buildings were evacuated following a 7:00 a.m. bomb threat. the threat was made to the big building leased to the lawrence berkl berkley national lab. the bomb sniffing dogs and disposal technicians came from local law enforcement, and from the coast guard and homeland security. after six hours the buildings did reopen. >> fairfield police say the investigation into the killing of a 13-year-old girl is progressing but they are not ready to share what they have uncovered. the police held a press conference to assure that they are using all their resources to track down the killer. her naked body
. >> firefighters in san mateo county remain on the scene of an early morning house fire. the fire was reported just before for 30 a.m. on th north claremontfor 30 a.m. on north claremont street. crews managed to put the fire out pretty quickly. no injuries have been reported. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. >> a story that you will only see on kron 4, this is video of a larger brawl that happened early sunday morning and north beach along broadway. san francisco city officials are not reacting, to the fight over. kron 4 spoke with the officials will say that operations at one club have now been suspended because of the fight. >> initially, after this fire broke out sunday morning, only to police officers could be seen. he eventually police from the entire city embarked on broadway. and he says that he supports a slight increase in the property tax among business owners and a broad corridor, one that would pay for more security in the area. >> a san francisco couple now is behind bars accused of trafficking prostitutes out of a south san francisco hotel. police say, that sate j
mateo coast and also san jose and santa clara valley. 30s i mean if there is cloud cover holding us up the coldest lows will probably be sunday morning. we'll have partly cloudy skies with cloudy showers. cool and breezy day today. temperatures will really be held in check. 52-53 for most. everyone else will be on the cool side. cold tomorrow morning as that low drops south the wind will crank up saturday and looks sunny. warmer each day. especially next week. >>> time now 4:41. mayor chuck reed lays out his plans for the future of san jose. what he is proposalling. >>> bullet holes and a broken door. look inside a vallejo house where three family members were shot during a violent home invasion. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announc
. flashing lights leads to the toll plaza however, fast track and cash payments are fine. >> the san mateo bridge no problems to alert you to. the drive 12 minutes from end to end. >> south bound 101 an easy ride coming out of the north bay. anny. >> thank you erica. >> new this morning police in pittsburgh are investigating an officer involved shooting that happened in the overnight hours. >> the shooting happened around the midnight hour near the intersection of 11th and maple street in pittsburgh. according to witnesses two suspects were shot as well as a police officer. >> three other suspects were detained and house about a block away on 11th and pine. >> no word yet on the victims' conditions. >> former giants slugger barry bonds is set to appear in court this morning to appeal his fell in obstruction of justice conviction. >> kron 4 is one of two local news outlets allowed to videotape the court proceedings. >> the all-time home run leader is appealing the 2011 conviction where a jury found that bonds gave an evasive answer to a grand jury questioning him about the alleged steroid
. the back up has grown on the 80 approach. 18-20 minute drive time. >> the ride to the san mateo bridge no delays in either direction. and 11 minutes commute time. >> golden gate bridge looks good for 101. >> your east bay commute shows the ride on a west the drive time has grown to 26 minutes from hercules to berkeley. >>--on at 80 west >> in the south bay slow from 17 also on 280 in the north bound direction. the drive time 16 minutes from cupertino. >> it looks great 4101 through menlo park, redwood city, san mateo, and the interchange 84-92 are clear. >> the drive time is about 34 minutes from navato for to the golden gate bridge. >> the manhunt for christopher dorner led lapd swat officers to a northridge lowes home and for the store after people reported seeing someone who resembled the fugitive former police officer there. lapd's one store last night. customers were escorted out of the store as police looked for any signs of dorner . >> there have been several reports similar to this one in recent days that did not pan out. the surge came several hours after the lapd issued a tac
is the warmest spot at 73. headed up the peninsula, we will start in the upper 60's and doctor to 66 in san mateo and 62 in millbrae and low-to-mid 60's down and south san francisco, and low 70's through the north bay valley and headed to your beach you are in the mid-to-upper 50's and mid-to-upper 50's along the east bay shore and oakland is 68 and fremont is 68, the warmest weather, and 67 in san ramon and the rest of the neighbors will leave you behind, and you will be in the low 70's. here is tonight's temperatures almost as mild as this morning, 50 in richmond and san francisco, and most of us in the mid-to-upper 40's. we have high pressure re-establishing itself and a subject of warm air coming in which is why today is a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday, and we will peak the heat tomorrow. saturday we will see a cooling trend that will take hold on sunday. it will be breezy and cooler and you can see increasing clouds on monday with the coolest weather tuesday and wednesday with our best chance of measurable rain on wednesday. have a great day. sue? >> we are going to the san mateo b
60s. san mateo oakland 60, downtown san francisco 57, 62 and napa. 7 day around the bay forecast shows a dry and stable weather for the next couple of days. thursday we have changes to talk about. a cold front will drop through and start the weekend as we go through. it will bring light rain. saturday and sunday look dry, plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s. 6:17 a.m. and here is george. >> their started back up at the bay bridge toll plaza for the westbound ride. drive times are currently 16 minutes out of the macarthur maze. we do not have any accidents reported for the upper deck but things are definitely starting to slow here. the san mateo bridge, highway 92 still looks good on the approach and across the span. the golden gate bridge, 1 01 southbound ride is a smooth commute as you come from or head into my rent county. we will update drive times in the east shore freeway we are picking up slowing. there was a report of a stall around al gore tell drive but chp said it was clear to the shoulder. there was little slowing at pinole valley road. drive
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